Bid Event Details

Wild Bunz Collection, Item 1058

Starting from: 2/19/2022 to 12/30/2022

The first collection of Wild Bunz by idf3 Crypto Inc. (Launch collection of Feb 2022)

Wild Bunz Collection

By idf3 Crypto Inc.

Highest Bid: MATIC 74

Starting Price: MATIC 73.8

Background Etherium Background Puple
Body Outfit Brazil Hoody
The Bun Snowy
Eyes Smart
Head Cover Saudi
Accessories Music

Amount Date/Time Bidder
74 3/15/2022 12:22:24 AM +00:00 620061006C0073006800610072006600690040006F00750074006C006F006F006B002E0063006F006D00